You want to learn risk management

Risk management is the art of making a maximum of profit while limiting losses. More than an art it is a science which is based both on the market behaviours and on the trader's history

Our platform analyzes your current and past positions in real time to give you recommendations. You will have complete control of your account while controlling the risk.

You no longer want to lose money in the markets

Before making money on the markets you have to learn not to lose any more. It's a decisive step that few traders manage to take. According to ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) 74% to 89% of CFD retail accounts lose money on their investments. *

You may want to work with us to be among the 11% to 26% of traders who do not lose. We put our platform and our knowledge at your disposal to achieve this objective.

You want to build a winning trading plan

When the trader has learned not to lose money on the markets, he can finally devote himself to developing a trading plan that will allow him to win.

Our platform will continue to analyze your account in real time to give you the data that will allow you to continuously optimize your plan and, if necessary, alert you before problems arise.

We provide a free service for managing the risk of your trading account and analysing your results

The simplest way to understand how our tools can help you is to see them in action


Satelys is a team of experts in research, development and exploitation of trading strategies.

Mataf's account

This is a real account we use to test new trading plans.

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