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The economic timetable must imperatively be consulted at the start of each trading day. The financial markets follow the rhythm of the publication of economic statistics (GDP, unemployment, consumption, etc.) which may have a significant impact on the rates. At the time of publication of certain statistics, there may be variations of more than 1% in a few minutes, or even seconds, which represents hundreds of pips. This strong volatility is accompanied by a significant increase in the spread.
It is for that reason that it is important to know the time of publication of significant statistics; a stop which is too tight is often fatal at those times.
We supply the most complete timetable possible, indicating the estimated level of impact on rates and mentioning the currency concerned.

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07:00 German Wholesale Price Index (13th-17th)
00:00 Chinese Market Holiday - Lunar New Year
23:50 GDP
23:50 Key Machinery Orders
00:00 New motor vehicle sales
00:00 Chinese Exports
00:00 Chinese Imports
00:00 Chinese Trade Balance
00:00 Market Holiday - Family Day
00:00 Market Holiday - Presidents' Day