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The American greenback

The good old greenback !! The American dollar is certainly the most commonly used and well known currency in the world. From the remotest African villages to the borders of the Mekong, no one will refuse to be paid in dollars. If you have a few of them in your pocket, you are surely holding a piece of the world. Tell that to the Chinese!

However, as far as originality goes, the American currency is somewhat lacking. From the 1-dollar bill to 100, the USD is printed in the same format: on the front, there are the great presidents from American history (Washington, Lincoln, Franklin, etc.) and on the back, there are great monuments (the White House, the Capitol Building, etc.).

And only since the 2009 series have the presidents' busts been freed from their oval confines and a touch of color (other than green) was added to some banknotes (violet to the $5 bill and yellow on the $10 bill).

As for coins, the story goes a little differently. Unlike the banknotes, many commemorative coins or series have been regularly released into circulation. And all the face values are used: from the cent to the dollar, including the dime (10 cents) and the quarter (25 cents). You can find:

  • the President Series on $1 coins which since 2007 have commemorated different presidents of the United States who have been deceased at least 2 years, at a rate of 4 coins per year in the order of their presidency
  • the Native American series: since 2009 with Sacagawea on the front
  • the "America the Beautiful" quarter series: since 2010, featuring national parks and other sites.

On banknotes as well as coins, you can find 2 mottoes that are also well known all over the world:

  • E pluribus unum (Out of many, one): present on all coins since 1873
  • In God We Trust: the motto of the United States, present on all coins since 1908 (although it wasn't the national motto at the time) and on all banknotes.

Exchange rate - US dollar

currency US dollar USD 1 =
Nigerian naira NGN 317.4270 currency
CFA Franc BCEAO XOF 618.2441 currency
Pound sterling GBP 0.8055 currency
Euro EUR 0.9425 currency
Malaysian ringgit MYR 4.4514 currency
Ghanaian Cedi GHS 4.5269 currency
Japanese yen JPY 113.0839 currency
South Sudanese Pound SSP 71.8794 currency
Cuban convertible Peso CUC 0.9958 currency
Russian ruble RUB 58.2337 currency
Egyptian pound EGP 16.2673 currency
Vietnamese đồng VND 22750.2356 currency
Chinese yuan renminbi CNY 6.8659 currency
Albanian lek ALL 124.6937 currency
CFA Franc BEAC XAF 618.2441 currency
Ugandan shilling UGX 3585.4854 currency
Georgian lari GEL 2.6441 currency
Moroccan dirham MAD 10.0716 currency
German Deutsche mark DEM 1.8434 currency
Dominican peso DOP 46.8539 currency
Afghan Afghani AFN 66.6315 currency
Philippine peso PHP 50.2385 currency
Convertible mark BAM 1.8434 currency
Ethiopian birr ETB 22.8115 currency
Sudanese pound SDG 6.4069 currency
Guyanese dollar GYD 208.8501 currency
Macedonian denar MKD 57.8332 currency
Iraqi dinar IQD 1181.4326 currency
Trinidad dollar TTD 6.7227 currency
Turkish lira TRY 3.6287 currency
Brazilian real BRL 3.1028 currency
Zimbabwe dollar ZWD 100375117813383602174485856256.0000 currency
Costa Rican colon CRC 559.6324 currency
Indonesian rupiah IDR 13388.3129 currency
Ecuadorian sucre ECS 25089.1612 currency
Saudi riyal SAR 3.7496 currency
Bangladeshi taka BDT 80.1979 currency
French franc FRF 6.1824 currency
Ukrainian hryvnia UAH 27.1313 currency
Uzbekitan som UZS 3330.2733 currency
Brunei dollar BND 1.4172 currency
Cape Verde escudo CVE 103.9255 currency
Rwandan franc RWF 822.1866 currency
Syrian pound SYP 514.9934 currency
Italian lira ITL 1824.9482 currency
Mozambican metical MZN 70.8860 currency
Kenyan shilling KES 103.4788 currency
Guinean franc GNF 9372.9500 currency
UAE dirham AED 3.6714 currency
Nepalese rupee NPR 109.1989 currency
Canadian dollar CAD 1.3096 currency
Cayman Islands dollar KYD 0.8188 currency
New azerbaijani Manat AZN 1.7438 currency
Spanish peseta ESP 156.8200 currency
Croatian kuna HRK 7.0103 currency
Surinamese dollar SRD 7.5031 currency
Indian rupee INR 67.0775 currency
Tanzanian shilling TZS 2230.1697 currency
Congolese franc CDF 1259.7644 currency
Israeli new shekel ILS 3.6917 currency
Liberian dollar LRD 90.4797 currency
Venezualan bolivar fuerte VEF 9.9811 currency
Swedish krona SEK 8.9095 currency
Somali shilling SOS 576.9463 currency
Sri Lankan rupee LKR 151.3025 currency
Jamaican dollar JMD 128.5674 currency
Botswana pula BWP 10.4070 currency
Armenian dram AMD 488.1998 currency
Mexican peso MXN 20.4731 currency
Colombian peso COP 2884.6089 currency
South African rand ZAR 13.0667 currency
Sierra Leonean leone SLL 7446.1828 currency
Cuban peso CUP 1.0034 currency
East Caribbean dollar XCD 2.6986 currency
Lebanese pound LBP 1508.9538 currency
Thai baht THB 34.9444 currency
Omani rial OMR 0.3848 currency
Guatemalan quetzal GTQ 7.3808 currency
Seychelles rupee SCR 13.1470 currency
Pence Sterling GBX 80.8520 currency
Pakistani rupee PKR 104.7314 currency
Fiji dollar FJD 2.0642 currency
Solomon Islands dollar SBD 7.7637 currency
Bahraini dinar BHD 0.3762 currency
Taiwan dollar TWD 30.8266 currency
Angolan kwanza AON 166.4515 currency
Honduran lempira HNL 23.5297 currency
Bulgarian lev BGN 1.8434 currency
South Korean won KRW 1147.3139 currency
Serbian dinar RSD 116.3421 currency
Kazakhstani tenge KZT 318.3318 currency
Eritrean nakfa ERN 15.3450 currency
Iranian rial IRR 32410.7446 currency
Czech koruna CZK 25.4637 currency
Brazilian Cruzeiro BRC 8420.9991 currency
Burundian franc BIF 1695.5042 currency
Afghan afghani AFA 67166.0697 currency
Australian dollar AUD 1.3042 currency
Norwegian krone NOK 8.3510 currency
Barbados dollar BBD 1.9987 currency
Malagasy Ariary MGA 3139.4910 currency
Djiboutian franc DJF 178.2752 currency
ECU XEU 0.9425 currency
Yemeni rial YER 249.8586 currency
Mauritian rupee MUR 35.8049 currency
Belgian franc BEF 38.0206 currency
Greek drachma GRD 321.1593 currency
Lao kip LAK 8206.6070 currency
Cambodian riel KHR 3982.8464 currency
Algerian dinar DZD 110.8860 currency
Bahamian dollar BSD 1.0012 currency
DogeCoin XDG 4840.1791 crypto
Hungarian forint HUF 290.3582 currency
Libyan dinar LYD 1.4276 currency
Chilean peso CLP 644.6277 currency
Paraguayan guaraní PYG 5773.0066 currency
Swiss franc CHF 1.0035 currency
Gold gram XAU 0.0008 metal
Danish krone DKK 7.0058 currency
Nicaraguan córdoba NIO 29.6513 currency
Myanma kyat MMK 1368.3977 currency
Tongan pa'anga TOP 2.2524 currency
Kyrgyzstani som KGS 69.3685 currency
Ripple XRP 171.2045 crypto
Mongolian tugrik MNT 2478.1527 currency
Maltese lira MTL 0.4046 currency
Peruvian nuevo sol PEN 3.2582 currency
North Korean won KPW 899.8680 currency
Kuwaiti dinar KWD 0.3058 currency
Haitian gourde HTG 65.2121 currency
Zambian kwacha ZMK 9910.3676 currency
Turkmenistani manat TMM 17555.9849 currency
Polish zloty PLN 4.0775 currency
Cypriot pound CYP 0.5516 currency
Turkish lira TRL 3669698.3977 currency
Tajikistani somoni TJS 7.9438 currency
Sudanese dinar SDP 6644.7691 currency
WorldCoin WDC 317.8775 crypto
Falkland Islands pound FKP 0.8031 currency
Singapore dollar SGD 1.4186 currency
Hong Kong dollar HKD 7.7607 currency
Platinum gram XPT 0.0010 metal
Icelandic króna ISK 110.5156 currency
Digitalcoin DGC 200.4138 crypto
Qatari riyal QAR 3.6400 currency
Bitcoin BTC 0.0010 crypto
Tunisian dinar TND 2.2819 currency
Romanian Leu RON 4.2608 currency
Venezualan bolivar VEB 10009.7078 currency
CraftCoin XCC 128.7587 crypto
Ghanaian new cedi GHC 44440.1508 currency
Boliviano BOB 6.8238 currency
Billioncoin BIL 15780.3016 crypto
Vanuatu vatu VUV 106.8049 currency
Lesotho loti LSL 13.0653 currency
Gibraltar pound GIP 0.8008 currency
Argentine peso ARS 15.6484 currency
French pacific franc XPF 112.4713 currency
Mozambican metical MZM 70352.2149 currency
New Zealand dollar NZD 1.3942 currency
Bitmonero XMR 0.0778 crypto
Bhutanese ngultrum BTN 67.2667 currency
Malawian kwacha MWK 726.7097 currency
Belarusian ruble BYR 20957.5872 currency
MaidSafeCoin XMS 746.4995 crypto
Sudanese dinar SDD 664.3874 currency
Swazi lilangeni SZL 13.0939 currency
Slovenian tolar SIT 225.8624 currency
Austrian shilling ATS 12.9692 currency
Pesetacoin PTC 1511.9981 crypto
Panamanian balboa PAB 0.9991 currency
Tuvaluan dollar TVD 1.3074 currency
FlorinCoin FLO 211.2893 crypto
Latvian lats LVL 0.6206 currency
Netherlands Antillean guilder ANG 1.7811 currency
Primecoin XPM 23.1097 crypto
Aruban guilder AWG 1.7993 currency
Chinese Offshore Yuan CNH 6.8856 currency
Slovak koruna SKK 28.3940 currency
Vatican Lira VAL 1824.9482 currency
Bulgarian lev BGL 1848.5957 currency
Azerbaijani manat AZM 8700.0189 currency
Belize dollar BZD 2.0139 currency
Zambian kwacha ZMW 9.9095 currency
Bytecoin (BCN) BCN 19142.8841 crypto
Old french franc AFR 618.1970 currency
Yugoslav dinar YUN 82.6054 currency
Gambian dalasi GMD 44.5287 currency
Samoan tala WST 2.5412 currency
Salvadoran colon SVC 8.7144 currency
Angolan kwanza AOA 168.1395 currency
Manx pound IMP 0.8079 currency
Irish punt IEP 0.7423 currency
New Taiwan dollar NTD 31.0364 currency
Papua New Guinean kina PGK 3.1868 currency
ReddCoin RDD 36755.3252 crypto
GoldCoin GLD 72.6679 crypto
Urugayan peso UYU 28.3318 currency
Silver gram XAG 0.0538 metal
Jordanian dinar JOD 0.7078 currency