Currency of India: Indian rupee, today's rate ₹


The Indian Rupee is the currency used in the following 2 countries: India, Bhutan. The code of Indian rupee is INR. We use as symbol of Indian rupee. The Indian Rupee is divided in 100 paisas. INR is regulated by Reserve Bank of India.

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The rupee, the Indian currency

In India, 22 different languages are spoken and there is practically the same number of ethnicities or populations. This is one of the reasons you find the face value of Indian banknotes translated into 15 different languages.

The most used banknote in India is the 100-rupee note (about $1.6 US or €1.2). The largest coin is 10 rupees, so they are virtually never used in everyday life, and are mainly only used with beggars, which are very numerous in India.

You can also find a 0-rupee note in the country. It was printed in more than one million copies, and was used to show the Indian government indignation against corruption and the common bribing taking place in the Indian government. On all banknotes, even on the 0-rupees note, you can find the emblematic figure of Mahatma Gandhi.

The rupee or rupian means «silver» in Sanskrit. It serves as an exchange currency in a few countries in the region including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, the Maldives, Mauritius and even the Seychelles.

Exchange rate of Indian rupee , currency of India

100 Indian rupees
50 Indian rupees
Indian rupees
500 Indian rupees
1000 Indian rupees
5 Indian rupees
20 Indian rupees
10 Indian rupees

Currency Of India

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