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Currency denominated exchange rate
Australian Dollar0.01 AUD
Canadian Dollar0.01 CAD
Swiss Franc0.01 CHF
Yuan Renminbi0.03 CNY
Danish Krone0.04 DKK
Euro0.00 EUR
Pound Sterling0.00 GBP
Hong Kong Dollar0.04 HKD
Yen0.62 JPY
Norwegian Krone0.04 NOK
New Zealand Dollar0.01 NZD
Russian Ruble0.33 RUB
US Dollar0.01 USD
Franc ( Euro)0.03 ADF
Peseta ( Euro)0.79 ADP
UAE Dirham0.02 AED
Afghani0.34 AFN
Lek0.65 ALL
Armenian Dram2.42 AMD
Netherlands Antillean Guilder0.01 ANG
Kwanza0.68 AON
Argentine Peso0.05 ARS
Shilling0.07 ATS
Aruban Guilder0.01 AWG
Azerbaijanian Manat0.01 AZN
Convertible Mark0.01 BAM
Barbados Dollar0.01 BBD
Taka0.39 BDT
Franc ( Euro)0.19 BEF
Bulgarian Lev0.01 BGN
Bahraini Dinar0.00 BHD
Burundi Franc7.88 BIF
Bermudian Dollar0.01 BMD
Brunei Dollar0.01 BND
Boliviano0.03 BOB
Brazilian Real0.02 BRL
Bahamian Dollar0.01 BSD
Ngultrum0.33 BTN
Pula0.05 BWP
Belarussian Ruble91.38 BYR
Belize Dollar0.01 BZD
Franc Congolais4.66 CDF
Chilean Peso3.57 CLP
Colombian Peso15.48 COP
Costa Rican Colon2.67 CRC
Cuban Peso0.01 CUC
Cape Verde Escudo0.52 CVE
Cyprus Pound0.00 CYP
Czech Koruna0.13 CZK
German Mark0.01 DEM
Djibouti Franc0.89 DJF
Dominican Peso0.23 DOP
Algerian Dinar0.54 DZD
( US Dollar)125.51 ECS
Kroon0.07 EEK
Egyptian Pound0.04 EGP
Nakfa0.08 ERN
Peseta ( Euro)0.79 ESP
Ethiopian Birr0.11 ETB
Mark (Euro)0.03 FIM
Fiji Dollar0.01 FJD
Falkland Islands Pound0.00 FKP
Franc (Euro)0.03 FRF
Lari0.01 GEL
Pound Sterling0.00 GGP
Ghana Cedi0.02 GHS
Gibraltar Pound0.00 GIP
Dalasi0.20 GMD
Guinea Franc38.89 GNF
Quetzal0.04 GTQ
Guyana Dollar1.04 GYD
Lempira0.11 HNL
Croatian Kuna0.04 HRK
Gourde0.28 HTG
Forint1.48 HUF
Rupiah69.20 IDR
Deliver ( Euro)0.00 IEP
New Israeli Sheqel0.02 ILS
Manx pound0.00 IMP
Indian Rupee0.33 INR
Iraqi Dinar5.57 IQD
Iranian Rial150.49 IRR
Iceland Krona0.67 ISK
Lira ( Euro)9.18 ITL
Pound Sterling0.00 JEP
Jamaican Dollar0.60 JMD
Jordanian Dinar0.00 JOD
Kenyan Shilling0.51 KES
Som0.37 KGS
Riel20.23 KHR
Comoro Franc2.33 KMF
North Korean Won4.52 KPW
Won5.74 KRW
Kuwaiti Dinar0.00 KWD
Cayman Islands Dollar0.00 KYD
Tenge1.54 KZT
Kip40.96 LAK
Lebanese Pound7.56 LBP
Sri Lanka Rupee0.72 LKR
Liberian Dollar0.42 LRD
Loti0.07 LSL
Lithuanian Litas0.02 LTL
Franc ( Euro)0.19 LUF
Latvian Lats0.00 LVL
Libyan Dinar0.01 LYD
Moroccan Dirham0.05 MAD
Moldovan Leu0.10 MDL
Malagasy Ariary16.42 MGA
Denar0.29 MKD
Kyat6.53 MMK
Tugrik10.00 MNT
Pataca0.04 MOP
Ouguiya1.60 MRO
Maltese Lira0.00 MTL
Mauritius Rupee0.18 MUR
Rufiyaa0.08 MVR
Kwacha2.99 MWK
Mexican Peso0.08 MXN
Malaysian Ringgit0.02 MYR
Metical0.28 MZN
Namibia Dollar0.07 NAD
Cordoba Oro0.14 NIO
Guilder ( Euro)0.01 NLG
Nepalese Rupee0.53 NPR
Rial Omani0.00 OMR
Balboa0.01 PAB
Nuevo Sol0.02 PEN
Kina0.01 PGK
Philippine Peso0.24 PHP
Pakistan Rupee0.53 PKR
Zloty0.02 PLN
Escudo ( Euro)0.95 PTE
Guarani28.43 PYG
Qatari Rial0.02 QAR
New Leu0.02 RON
Serbian Dinar0.57 RSD
Rwanda Franc3.74 RWF
Saudi Riyal0.02 SAR
Solomon Islands Dollar0.04 SBD
Seychelles Rupee0.07 SCR
Sudanese Pound0.03 SDG
Swedish Krona0.04 SEK
Singapore Dollar0.01 SGD
Saint Helena Pound0.00 SHP
Slovak Koruna0.14 SKK
Leone21.83 SLL
Somali Shilling3.17 SOS
Seborga Luigino0.00 SPL
Surinam Dollar0.02 SRD
Dobra115.46 STD
El Salvador Colon0.04 SVC
Syrian Pound1.11 SYP
Lilangeni0.07 SZL
Baht0.18 THB
Somoni0.03 TJS
Manat88.57 TMM
Tunisian Dinar0.01 TND
Pa'anga0.01 TOP
New Turkish Lira0.01 TRY
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar0.03 TTD
Tuvaluan Dollar0.01 TVD
New Taiwan Dollar0.16 TWD
Tanzanian Shilling10.87 TZS
Hryvnia0.12 UAH
Uganda Shilling16.92 UGX
Peso Uruguayo0.15 UYU
Uzbekistan Sum13.73 UZS
Bolivar Fuerte0.03 VEF
Dong112.99 VND
Vatu0.57 VUV
Tala0.01 WST
CFA Franc BEAC3.11 XAF
Silver0.00 XAG
Gold0.00 XAU
East Caribbean Dollar0.01 XCD
Palladium0.00 XDR
ECU - European Currency Unit ( EUR)0.00 XEU
Platinum0.00 XPD
CFP Franc0.57 XPF
Special Drawing Rights (IMF)0.00 XPT
Yemeni Rial1.08 YER
Rand0.07 ZAR
Kwacha26.05 ZMK

1.0000 Naira =
0.0050 US Dollar

The Naira of Nigeria

The Naira was a major international exchange currency during the 1970's even attaining a rate of exchange of 2 Nairas to the US Dollar at the time of its first issue in 1973 in place of the Pound. Nowadays, after serious monetary devaluation, 1 US Dollar is equivalent to over 160 Nairas.

The Naira is subdivided into 100 Kobos. Few of the latter are currently in circulation due to the devaluation of the Nigerian currency. The only coins in current circulation are of 50 Kobos, and 1 et 2 Nairas.

Where banknotes are concerned, in the 1990's banknotes ceased to exist, except for the 5,10 and 20 Naira notes. But, by contrast with the fate of the coins although still due to the growing inflation, 50, 100, 200, 500 and even 1,000 Naira banknotes have been introduced in the years 2000.

The 1 Naira banknote carries the image of a mask on its reverse side. The sculpting of masks is a major art form in Africa. The shapes, sizes and materials are many and varied. When they represent animals, they are supposed to bring their characteristic qualities to the bearer. When they are in the form of human faces, they tend to be those of sorcerers, who mediate between the divine and human dimensions. Nigerian traditions and customs are also presented on the 5 Naira bill with the ritual dances of the Nkpokiti troupe.


  • iso 4217: NGN
  • Nigeria (Africa)


1 Naira 1 Naira
5 Naira 5 Naira
10 Naira 10 Naira
20 Naira 20 Naira
50 Naira 50 Naira
100 Naira 100 Naira
200 Naira 200 Naira
500 Naira 500 Naira
1000 Naira 1000 Naira