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Currency Of Argentina

Use of the converter

Enter the amount to convert at the top and choose a second currency., You can also get the history of the price rate by clicking on the "convert" button., If you want to see the parity of the ARS currency with other currencies, go to the table " Argentine peso exchange rate" below. , The last update to the Mataf ARS Currency Converter is dated from

The Argentinean Peso

The Peso and the Spanish language are the remaining testimonies to the passage of Spanish colonists through South America. Spanish is spoken everywhere in South America except in Brazil, and the Peso is also used as the denomination of coinage in Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. This reflects the former influence of the Spanish monarchy.

On the other hand, the Argentinean banknotes retrace the history of the country's liberation from the Spanish yoke. On their backs are found the images of most of the 19th century Argentinean generals and statesmen, who led battles or the reconstruction of the country as it is today: Among these personages is General San Martin, featured on the 5 Peso bill, he is none other than the liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru!!

The 1 Peso coin features one of Argentina's most powerful symbols: The "Sun of May" (Sol de Mayo) , representing Inti, the Inca god of sun that also figures not only on the Argentinean but also the Uruguayan national flag. "Sol de Mayo", in Spanish, refers to the May Revolution that took place in the week of the18th to the 25th of May,1810, marking the beginning of the process of independence from Spanish control of the countries then constituting the Viceroyalty of the Río de La Plata.

Exchange rate - Argentine peso

currency Argentine peso 1 ARS =
Nigerian naira 1 ARS = 20.9397 NGN
Indian rupee 1 ARS = 3.7557 INR
US dollar 1 ARS = 0.0584 USD
Philippine peso 1 ARS = 2.9737 PHP
Euro 1 ARS = 0.0487 EUR
Bangladeshi taka 1 ARS = 4.7859 BDT
Pakistani rupee 1 ARS = 6.1539 PKR
Japanese yen 1 ARS = 6.5166 JPY
Bulgarian lev 1 ARS = 0.0951 BGN
Czech koruna 1 ARS = 1.2708 CZK

currency Argentine peso 1 ARS =
Canadian dollar 1 CAD = 13.9283 ARS
Mexican peso 1 MXN = 0.9609 ARS
US dollar 1 USD = 17.1234 ARS
Japanese yen 1 JPY = 0.1535 ARS
Bulgarian lev 1 BGN = 10.5128 ARS
Czech koruna 1 CZK = 0.7869 ARS
Danish krone 1 DKK = 2.7597 ARS
Pound sterling 1 GBP = 23.1409 ARS
Hungarian forint 1 HUF = 0.0666 ARS
Polish zloty 1 PLN = 4.7966 ARS