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Currency Of Algeria

Use of the converter

Enter the amount to convert at the top and choose a second currency., You can also get the history of the price rate by clicking on the "convert" button., If you want to see the parity of the DZD currency with other currencies, go to the table " Algerian dinar exchange rate" below. , The last update to the Mataf DZD Currency Converter is dated from

The Algerian dinar

Like the Tunisian dinar, you can find homage to Hannibal on the 500-Alegerian dinar banknote in the form of the elephants he used to travel around the Mediterranean to go confront Cesar in Rome.

Beyond this story in the Maghreb countries, Algerian banknotes are only in Arabic and the drawings printed are extremely refined. The coins are also only in Arabic and are struck only with heads of animals: the fennec, the horse, the camel, the elephant, the falcon, the lion and even the gazelle. What makes Algerian coins special is that all the digits have a unique appearance. The 100-dinar coin has the 1 substituted by a palm tree, and the 2 zeroes are horses’ heads facing each other.

The Algerian dinar reappeared in 1964 after it had been «removed» from the French colony. And to mark its independence even further, Algeria struck its coins only in Arabic (beforehand, the franc was used in the country).

Exchange rate - Algerian dinar

currency Algerian dinar 1 DZD =
Indian rupee 1 DZD = 0.5861 INR
Pakistani rupee 1 DZD = 0.9539 PKR
Nigerian naira 1 DZD = 2.8819 NGN
Euro 1 DZD = 0.0083 EUR
UAE dirham 1 DZD = 0.0335 AED
Moroccan dirham 1 DZD = 0.0901 MAD
Ghanaian Cedi 1 DZD = 0.0374 GHS
US dollar 1 DZD = 0.0091 USD
Japanese yen 1 DZD = 1.0142 JPY
Bulgarian lev 1 DZD = 0.0163 BGN