+4 495 EUR
Withdraw -60 EUR
Profit & Loss
+526 EUR
Floating Profit & Loss
Net asset value
+4 962 EUR

A personalized analysis of your trading account

  • A quick detailed analysis
  • Tips to limit your losses
  • A summary of your strengths and weaknesses

Confidentiality and security of your data

  • Your account is private and anonymous by default
  • Your data belongs to you and can be completely deleted on request
  • The security of your is our priority

Most traded symbols


Win rate
Average profit per trade
+26 EUR
Average loss per trade
-10 EUR
Maximum drawdown
-465 EUR
Average trade length
46.00 hour
Number of trades
Trades per week
Year of creation
218 days since opening


Best day
+282 EUR
Best week
+282 EUR
Best month
+713 EUR
Best trade
+230 EUR
Worst day
-125 EUR
Worst week
-125 EUR
Worst month
-131 EUR
Worst trade
-25 EUR


Not enough data

Use of stop loss

Not enough data

Risk of ruin

Not enough data

Risk per trade

Not enough data

Maximum risk

Not enough data

Risk stability

Not enough data

Win rate

Not enough data

Annualized ROI

Not enough data

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