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Crude oil prices are extending its bearish note today, currently dragging the barrel of West Texas Intermediate to the mid-$44.00s after testing lows...

USD/CHF stuck in a narrow range with mild bullish bias

The USD/CHF pair maintained its mild bullish bias just above the very important 200-day SMA region but now seems to have stuck in a narrow band around...

US Dollar wobbling around 97.00

The greenback, tracked by the US Dollar Index, is alternating gains with losses today within a tight range around the 97.00 barrier. US Dollar up for...

Live prices

EUR/USD 1.0977 -0.49%
USD/CHF 0.9871 0.21%
GBP/USD 1.3109 -0.96%
USD/JPY 106.12 0.31%
USD/CAD 1.3129 0.43%
AUD/USD 0.7465 -0.54%
Dow Jones 18558 0.22%
S&P500 2173 0.4%
Nasdaq 100 4664 0.44%
FTSE 100 6728 0.63%
CAC40 4384 0.54%
Nikkei 225 16668 0.41%
Gold (usd) 1322.53 -0.75%
Silver (usd) 19.6273 -1.03%
Platinum (usd) 1083.25 -1.8%
Brent Crude Oil 45.58 -1%
Natural Gas 2.78 3.67%
Wheat 4.15 1.89%

Central bank rates

USD 0.5%
CHF -0.75%
JPY -0.1%
EUR 0%
NZD 2.25%
CAD 0.5%
AUD 1.75%
GBP 0.5%

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