Forex charts

Pair Price %  
EUR/USD 1.1212▲ 0.16
USD/CHF 0.971575▼ 0.59
GBP/USD 1.51785▲ 0.32
USD/JPY 119.936▲ 0.01
GBP/JPY 182.053▲ 0.32
EUR/GBP 0.73854▼ 0.18
EUR/CHF 1.08931▼ 0.43
EUR/JPY 134.482▲ 0.18
USD/CAD 1.31525▼ 0.89
EUR/CAD 1.4746▼ 0.74
AUD/USD 0.705165▲ 0.3
EUR/AUD 1.59002▼ 0.15
XAU/USD 1138.49▲ 2.24

Carry Trade

USD: 0.25 %

EUR: 0.05 %

GBP: 0.50 %

CHF: -0.75 %

JPY: 0.10 %

AUD: 2.00 %

CAD: 0.50 %

NZD: 2.75 %

Economic calendar


  • Nigeria to ease foreign currency restrictions in the long-term
    Oct 04 11:58 (GMT) - ABUJA Oct 4 Nigeria will keep foreign currency restrictions for now to preserve the country's currency reserves amid falling oil revenues but the central bank will ease the rules in the long-term, the country's vice president said. The current "restrictions are definitely short term. ...

  • The worst trading habit that makes you the most money
    Oct 04 11:53 (GMT) - Forget the conventional wisdom Guest post from Boris Schlossberg Ever since I first picked up a trading book -- more years ago than I care to admit -- the one undying advice of conventional wisdom was "Let your profits run and ...

  • USD/JPY Forecast Oct. 5-9
    Oct 04 11:53 (GMT) - USD/JPY posted modest losses last week, as the pair closed slightly below the 120 level. There are six events this week. Here is an outlook on the major events moving the yen and an updated technical analysis for USD/JPY. In the US, the NFP ...

  • UK's Cameron says he can not guarantee to get the EU changes he wants
    Oct 04 11:20 (GMT) - The UK's ruling Conservative Party today begin their annual conference in Manchester and the PM was speaking on BBC tv earlier this morning - Britain benefits from being in the EU The planned EU referendum is building up a head of steam ...

  • Norway's Solberg says instability of currency is a threat to economy
    Oct 04 11:00 (GMT) - PM Solberg speaking to Bloomberg yesterday while attending a Nordic Council meeting -  the rapid weakening of Norway's krone will only provide short-term relief to western Europe's biggest oil producer. In the longer term, the loss of liquidity and increased volatility ...

  • Merkel says VW scandal "drastic" but has not affected trust in German business
    Oct 04 10:47 (GMT) - Chancellor Merkel in an interview with Deutschlandfunk radio due to be broadcast today "I believe the reputation of the German economy and the trust in the German economy has not been shaken by this to the extent that we are no longer considered ...

  • Russia could cut interest rate if inflation slows
    Oct 04 10:35 (GMT) - So says deputy PM Arkady Dvorkovich through the state-run RIA Novosti news agency from an interview given in Japan - central bank will get opportunity to cut key interest rate only if inflation falls One to keep in mind for all you rouble traders ...

  • USD/JPY Ranges Between 120.9 And 119.2
    Oct 04 10:07 (GMT) - ...