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The Swiss Franc is the currency used in the following 2 countries: Liechtenstein, Switzerland. The code of Swiss franc is CHF. We use Fr as symbol of Swiss franc. The Swiss Franc is divided in 100 rappens. CHF is regulated by Swiss National Bank.

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Swiss currency

Switzerland: the country where all that glitters is gold, or at least money - but actually this isn't really the case. Money in Switzerland can be found mainly held in banks, these pillars of the Helvetic economy. There are more than 300 different banks as of 2012. They are at the top of the global ranking as far as managing their private clients' fortunes through the two main banks, UBS and Credit Suisse.

Banknotes are very modern, very detailed and are at the cutting edge of technology. They are special because they are printed vertically.

As for coins, they have been kept somewhat neutral with regard to the many languages spoken in Switzerland (French, German, Italian and Romansche) by having their texts written out ... in Latin. The Swiss are famous for not wanting to offend anyone.

The franc (or Franken in German, franco in Italian or franc in Romansche) is subdivided into 100 centimes (or Rappen or centisimi or raps). The name probably dates from 1850 when Switzerland unified its various currencies with a value equal to the franc in France.

Exchange rate of Swiss franc , currency of Switzerland

Franc Swiss
1000 Franc Swiss
200 Franc Swiss
50 Franc Swiss
20 Franc Swiss
10 Franc Swiss
100 Franc Swiss

Currency Of Switzerland

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