Currency of Aruba: Aruban florin ƒ


The Aruban Florin is the currency of Aruba. The code of Aruban florin is AWG. We use ƒ as symbol of Aruban florin. The Aruban Florin is divided in 100 cents. AWG is regulated by Central Bank of Aruba.

Did you know:

  • The most popular conversions of Aruban florin are AWG/Indian rupee AWG/US dollar AWG/UAE dirham AWG/euro
  • the Aruban florin was introduced in 1 Jan 1986 (34 years ago).
  • There are 6 coins for the Aruban florin ( ƒ0.05 , ƒ0.10 , ƒ0.25 , ƒ0.5 , ƒ1 and ƒ5 ),
  • the Aruban florin has 5 banknotes ( ƒ10 , ƒ25 , ƒ50 , ƒ100 and ƒ500 )

The Aruba Florin

The use of the Florin as currency in this tiny island to the north of Venezuela following its years of annexation by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In 2002, the island decided to retain this exchange currency rather than go over to the Euro because of its linkage to the US Dollar at a nominal rate of 1 USD per 1.79 AWG, which facilitates commercial exchange in this region of the world.

The banknotes it has issued since 2002 are very colorful and modern, although the cubic motifs on the back represent pre-Colombian art. The upper side of the banknotes is illustrated with the animals that are native to the island and its territorial waters, such as the white turtle, the grouper and the rattlesnake.

There are a few coins that are unusual in their square shape, but they are all made of the same silver alloy (there is no mixing of 2 alloys as is often the case in other countries for their more valuable coins). Although autonomously governed, the little island also renders its homage to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, whose face appears on the 2 and 5 Florin coins.

The name, Florin, comes from the Latin, florenus, gold coins minted at the time in Florence and decorated with the city's symbol, the Lily.

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