Currency of Egypt: Egyptian pound ج.م


The Egyptian Pound is the currency of Egypt. The code of Egyptian pound is EGP. We use ج.م as symbol of Egyptian pound. The Egyptian Pound is divided in 100 piastres. EGP is regulated by Central Bank of Egypt.

Did you know:

  • The most popular conversions of Egyptian pound are EGP/US dollar EGP/Saudi riyal EGP/Malaysian ringgit EGP/euro
  • the Egyptian pound was introduced in 14 Nov 1885 (135 years ago).
  • There are 3 coins for the Egyptian pound ( 25Pt , 50Pt and ج.م1 ),
  • the Egyptian pound has 9 banknotes ( 25Pt , 50Pt , ج.م1 , ج.م5 , ج.م10 , ج.م20 , ج.م50 , ج.م100 and ج.م200 )

The Egyptian pound

The least we can say is that Egyptians love the currency and money in general. With its 11 different values of banknotes and coins, it’s one of the countries that circulates as many denominations as possible. You’ll find coins as well as banknotes worth 5, 10, 25 and 50 piasters as well as 1 pound (=100 piasters).

Egypt is one of the countries where «bakshish» is also very commonly practiced. This name of this tipping practice comes from the word «pressa», a «donation» worth about 50 piasters, and tourists as well as local Egyptians give them out. It serves various service staff (drivers, guards, waiters, etc.) to complement their meager wages.

Egypt is a country that relies heavily on the Muslim religion. It’s also a country where history is rich because of its dynasties of pharaohs and its enormous monuments. It really couldn’t get away with anything else as far as representations on its banknotes. On most banknotes, you’ll find one of the many mosques of the country on one side, and on the other an homage to its history in monuments (Abu Simbel on the 1-pound note, the statue of Shephren on the 10-pound note and the Great Sphinx on the 100-pound note).

Converter Egyptian pound

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50p ปอนด์อียิปต์
20 ปอนด์อียิปต์
100 ปอนด์อียิปต์
1 ปอนด์อียิปต์
10 ปอนด์อียิปต์
5 ปอนด์อียิปต์
10p ปอนด์อียิปต์
5p ปอนด์อียิปต์
1p ปอนด์อียิปต์
50 ปอนด์อียิปต์
25p ปอนด์อียิปต์
200 ปอนด์อียิปต์