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South Africa

The South African Rand is the currency used in the following 3 countries: South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia. The code of South African rand is ZAR. We use R as symbol of South African rand. The South African Rand is divided in 100 cents. ZAR is regulated by South African Reserve Bank.

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The South-African Rand

One might almost call them the "Big Six" from now on. The South-African banknotes pay tribute to the 5 greatest, species of mammal now respected and protected but once upon a time feared and hunted, together with the country's figurehead: Nelson Mandela, international icon of pardon and reconciliation. Madiba is visible on the front of all the banknotes while the back carries, in order of appearance, the rhinoceros, the elephant, the lion, the buffalo and the leopard.

The South African banknotes are very brightly colored, just like the national flag. It is not without reason that South Africa is known as the Rainbow nation: its multiplicity of ethnic groups and languages make it a country rich in culture and tradition. The only problem is to find a way for them all to live together.

On the 9 different coins in current circulation, one may find other more vulnerable wild animals: the great kudu on the 2 Rand coins, the springbok (1 Rand) and even the gnou (5 Rands).

Exchange rate of South African rand , currency of South Africa

100 Rand Afrika Selatan
200 Rand Afrika Selatan
20 Rand Afrika Selatan
10 Rand Afrika Selatan
50 Rand Afrika Selatan
Rand Afrika Selatan

Currency Of South Africa

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