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The Indonesian Rupiah

The Rupiah comes from the Indian Rupee or Roupie, which derives in turn from the Sanskrit word "rupa" meaning silver. Indonesia is THE home to the orangutan. They are only found in the great forests of Sumatra and on the face of Indonesia's 500 Rupiah banknotes.

On the back of the blood-red 100 rupiah bill is illustrated the steaming Anak Krakatao volcano. This volcano caused a lot of bloodshed on August 26th, 1883, when it erupted from the ground in a great explosion that destroyed the whole island, its 165 villages and 36000 inhabitants in its path. The sound of the eruption was heard as far away as Australia, and the subsequent tidal wave swept twice around the Earth. A terrifying monster that Indonesians feared in the depths of their being.

Indonesia became independent in 1945. This independence is represented on the other Indonesian banknotes by Lieutenant Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai, a war hero (on the 50,000 Ruppiah bill) or else by Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta, who declared the country's independence in 1945 (on the 100,000 Ruppiah bills).

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Currency Of Indonesia

50000 ρουπία Ινδονησίας
100000 ρουπία Ινδονησίας
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20000 ρουπία Ινδονησίας
1000 ρουπία Ινδονησίας
ρουπία Ινδονησίας
100 ρουπία Ινδονησίας