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Enter the amount to convert at the top and choose a second currency., You can also get the history of the price rate by clicking on the "convert" button., If you want to see the parity of the JEP currency with other currencies, go to the table " Jersey pound exchange rate" below., The last update to the Mataf JEP Currency Converter is dated from

Exchange rate - Jersey pound

Currency Jersey pound JEP 1 =
US dollar 1.2246 USD currency
Japanese yen 127.6999 JPY currency
Bulgarian lev 2.1965 BGN currency
Czech koruna 30.3999 CZK currency
Danish krone 8.3681 DKK currency
Pound sterling 1.0078 GBP currency
Hungarian forint 347.5186 HUF currency
Polish zloty 4.8633 PLN currency
Romanian Leu 5.0496 RON currency
Swedish krona 10.9337 SEK currency
Swiss franc 1.2180 CHF currency
Norwegian krone 10.1193 NOK currency
Croatian kuna 8.4412 HRK currency
Russian ruble 76.0452 RUB currency
Turkish lira 3.7654 TRY currency
Australian dollar 1.6014 AUD currency
Brazilian real 3.8190 BRL currency
Canadian dollar 1.6336 CAD currency
Chinese yuan renminbi 8.2992 CNY currency
Hong Kong dollar 9.4987 HKD currency
Indonesian rupiah 15916.0744 IDR currency
Israeli new shekel 4.7101 ILS currency
Indian rupee 81.8147 INR currency
South Korean won 1382.8960 KRW currency
Mexican peso 22.6371 MXN currency
Malaysian ringgit 5.0904 MYR currency
New Zealand dollar 1.7090 NZD currency
Philippine peso 59.0614 PHP currency
Singapore dollar 1.7033 SGD currency
Thai baht 42.7268 THB currency
South African rand 16.8889 ZAR currency
Egyptian pound 10.8600 EGP currency
Albanian lek 149.7547 ALL currency
Argentine peso 18.5230 ARS currency
New azerbaijani Manat 1.9845 AZN currency
Ethiopian birr 27.3745 ETB currency
Bahraini dinar 0.4618 BHD currency
Bangladeshi taka 96.1423 BDT currency
Convertible mark 2.2006 BAM currency
Chilean peso 798.1215 CLP currency
Costa Rican colon 679.9942 CRC currency
Dominican peso 56.5445 DOP currency
Euro 1.1251 EUR currency
Guatemalan quetzal 9.1766 GTQ currency
Honduran lempira 27.6647 HNL currency
Icelandic króna 140.2766 ISK currency
Cayman Islands dollar 1.0014 KYD currency
Cambodian riel 4940.4413 KHR currency
Kazakhstani tenge 404.2363 KZT currency
Qatari riyal 4.4581 QAR currency
Kenyan shilling 124.2727 KES currency
Colombian peso 3601.7741 COP currency
Kuwaiti dinar 0.3722 KWD currency
Lebanese pound 1845.2115 LBP currency
Libyan dinar 1.7165 LYD currency
Moroccan dirham 12.1154 MAD currency
Mauritian rupee 44.1748 MUR currency
Nigerian naira 373.4078 NGN currency
Omani rial 0.4714 OMR currency
Pakistani rupee 128.3997 PKR currency
Panamanian balboa 1.2219 PAB currency
Peruvian nuevo sol 4.1180 PEN currency
Saudi riyal 4.5919 SAR currency
Serbian dinar 138.0916 RSD currency
Sri Lankan rupee 180.6563 LKR currency
Taiwan dollar 38.6752 TWD currency
Tanzanian shilling 2674.0715 TZS currency
Tunisian dinar 2.7677 TND currency
Ukrainian hryvnia 31.5172 UAH currency
Urugayan peso 34.3839 UYU currency
Venezualan bolivar fuerte 12.2189 VEF currency
UAE dirham 4.4965 AED currency
Vietnamese đồng 27347.3847 VND currency
Afghan Afghani 80.8799 AFN currency
Armenian dram 580.9828 AMD currency
Netherlands Antillean guilder 2.1695 ANG currency
Aruban guilder 2.2031 AWG currency
Barbados dollar 2.4445 BBD currency
Burundian franc 2048.6236 BIF currency
Bermudian dollar 1.2234 BMD currency
Brunei dollar 1.7027 BND currency
Boliviano 8.3485 BOB currency
Bahamian dollar 1.2264 BSD currency
Bhutanese ngultrum 81.7519 BTN currency
Botswana pula 13.0438 BWP currency
Belarusian ruble 25018.3677 BYR currency
Belize dollar 2.4450 BZD currency
Congolese franc 1187.8549 CDF currency
Cape Verde escudo 124.0623 CVE currency
Cypriot pound 0.6585 CYP currency
German Deutsche mark 2.2006 DEM currency
Djiboutian franc 217.0711 DJF currency
Algerian dinar 135.6377 DZD currency
Ecuadorian sucre 30624.0978 ECS currency
Eritrean nakfa 19.2858 ERN currency
Fiji dollar 2.5171 FJD currency
Falkland Islands pound 1.0051 FKP currency
French franc 7.3804 FRF currency
Georgian lari 2.9169 GEL currency
Ghanaian Cedi 4.8522 GHS currency
Gibraltar pound 1.0023 GIP currency
Gambian dalasi 53.0780 GMD currency
Guinean franc 11128.9882 GNF currency
Guyanese dollar 253.8741 GYD currency
Haitian gourde 78.3765 HTG currency
Irish punt 0.8861 IEP currency
Iraqi dinar 1427.3386 IQD currency
Iranian rial 38918.3235 IRR currency
Italian lira 2178.5535 ITL currency
Jamaican dollar 158.2269 JMD currency
Jordanian dinar 0.8662 JOD currency
Kyrgyzstani som 83.5858 KGS currency
Comoro franc 553.5274 KMF currency
North Korean won 1100.5787 KPW currency
Lao kip 9960.0354 LAK currency
Liberian dollar 110.8241 LRD currency
Lesotho loti 17.1176 LSL currency
Lithuanian litas 3.7345 LTL currency
Latvian lats 0.7601 LVL currency
Moldovan leu 24.4749 MDL currency
Malagasy Ariary 3944.7022 MGA currency
Macedonian denar 69.1223 MKD currency
Myanma kyat 1579.9624 MMK currency
Mongolian tugrik 2860.2354 MNT currency
Macanese pataca 9.7838 MOP currency
Mauritanian ouguiya 436.4825 MRO currency
Maldivian rufiyaa 18.5759 MVR currency
Malawian kwacha 884.7722 MWK currency
Mozambican metical 94.8000 MZN currency
Namibian dollar 16.9028 NAD currency
Nicaraguan córdoba 35.5428 NIO currency
Nepalese rupee 131.0775 NPR currency
Papua New Guinean kina 3.8617 PGK currency
Paraguayan guaraní 6983.3042 PYG currency
Rwandan franc 994.7715 RWF currency
Solomon Islands dollar 9.5989 SBD currency
Seychelles rupee 16.3459 SCR currency
Sudanese pound 7.7904 SDG currency
Saint Helena pound 1.0023 SHP currency
Sierra Leonean leone 6917.1691 SLL currency
Somali shilling 718.5974 SOS currency
Surinamese dollar 8.4921 SRD currency
São Tomé dobra 27643.2936 STD currency
Salvadoran colon 10.6741 SVC currency
Syrian pound 633.2698 SYP currency
Swazi lilangeni 16.9545 SZL currency
Tajikistani somoni 9.6368 TJS currency
Tongan pa'anga 2.7342 TOP currency
Trinidad dollar 8.1979 TTD currency
Ugandan shilling 4227.5596 UGX currency
Uzbekitan som 3764.0064 UZS currency
Vanuatu vatu 130.7625 VUV currency
Samoan tala 3.1309 WST currency
CFA Franc BEAC 738.0362 XAF currency
Silver gram 0.0658 XAG metal
East Caribbean dollar 3.3005 XCD currency
CFA Franc BCEAO 738.0362 XOF currency
French pacific franc 134.2639 XPF currency
Yemeni rial 305.9788 YER currency
Zambian kwacha 12590.6432 ZMK currency
Andorran peseta 187.2057 ADP currency
Afghan afghani 85556.9445 AFA currency
Anoncoin 9.2258 ANC crypto
Angolan kwanza 210.3114 AOA currency
Aphroditecoin 20261.5475 APH crypto
Argentum 1164.5310 ARG crypto
Austrian shilling 15.4821 ATS currency
Auroracoin 5.0541 AUR crypto
Azerbaijani manat 9958.3815 AZM currency
Bytecoin (BCN) 22061.6413 BCN crypto
Belgian franc 45.3876 BEF currency
BetaCoin 8104.0677 BET crypto
Bulgarian lev 2209.2020 BGL currency
Billioncoin 18988.3515 BIL crypto
BlackCoin 711.3515 BLC crypto
BBQCoin 3338.8990 BQC crypto
Brazilian Cruzeiro 10636.4855 BRC currency
BitBar 1.1577 BTB crypto
Bitcoin 0.0019 BTC crypto
Bytecoin 126.8774 BTE crypto
Bitleu 443250.1826 BTL crypto
CryptogenicBullion 18.5829 CGB crypto
Cinni 2309.5747 CIN crypto
Chilean Unidad de Fomento 0.0311 CLF currency
Copperlark 3566.0288 CLR crypto
Chinese Offshore Yuan 8.3010 CNH currency
CasinoCoin 192.9371 CSC crypto
Cuban convertible Peso 1.2200 CUC currency
Cuban peso 1.2430 CUP currency
Deutsche eMark 219.8018 DEE crypto
Digitalcoin 130.6747 DGC crypto
DiamondCoins 4.4111 DMD crypto
DarkCoin 0.2383 DRK crypto
Datacoin 1251.7397 DTC crypto
Devcoin 442415.3369 DVC crypto
Estonian kroon 17.6032 EEK currency
Electronic Gulden 75.2395 EFL crypto
Elacoin 11.2847 ELC crypto
Spanish peseta 187.2057 ESP currency
EZCoin 142.1567 EZC crypto
Faircoin 396.3942 FAC crypto
Finnish markka 6.6897 FIM currency
FlorinCoin 294.7545 FLO crypto
FlutterCoin 16818.4278 FLT crypto
Freicoin 2701.6147 FRC crypto
Franko 49.8052 FRK crypto
Fastcoin 44575.1344 FST crypto
Feathercoin 157.9051 FTC crypto
Pence Sterling 99.9889 GBX currency
GrandCoin 44571.3090 GDC crypto
Ghanaian new cedi 49281.7739 GHC currency
GlobalCoin 2875.3571 GLC crypto
GoldCoin 101.1776 GLD crypto
GameCoin 670.2798 GME crypto
Greek drachma 383.3877 GRD currency
HoboNickel 1498.0867 HBN crypto
Infinitecoin 296246.4573 IFC crypto
Isracoin 19810.1457 ISR crypto
Ixcoin 212.2500 IXC crypto
Jersey pound 1.0000 JEP currency
Junkcoin 12734.5472 JKC crypto
KarpelesCoin 57710.4526 KAR crypto
Luckycoin 2228.5654 LKY crypto
Litecoin 0.3145 LTC crypto
Luxembourg franc 45.3876 LUF currency
MaxCoin 301.7933 MAX crypto
Megacoin 83.5286 MEC crypto
Malagasy franc 18335.8893 MGF currency
Mincoin 4649.8767 MNC crypto
Mastercoin 0.6555 MSC crypto
Marinecoin 13.9283 MTC crypto
Maltese lira 0.4830 MTL currency
Mozambican metical 84171.4607 MZM currency
Nas 29713.8685 NAS crypto
NoodlyAppendageCoin 429646.2482 NDL crypto
NEMstake 0.0013 NEM crypto
NetCoin 8914.1830 NET crypto
Netherlands guilder 2.4795 NLG currency
Namecoin 4.7755 NMC crypto
Noirbits 7428.4502 NRB crypto
Neutrino 14858.7907 NTR crypto
Novacoin 2.7448 NVC crypto
Nxt 166.3627 NXT crypto
Orbitcoin 19.4048 ORB crypto
Philosopher Stones 201.6704 PHS crypto
PotCoin 117.5287 POT crypto
Peercoin 4.3055 PPC crypto
Pesetacoin 2891.9640 PTC crypto
Portguese escudo 225.5681 PTE currency
ProtoShares 7428.2702 PTS crypto
Phoenixcoin 11576.6770 PXC crypto
Qora 14280.3619 QRA crypto
QuarkCoin 286.2621 QRK crypto
ReddCoin 26524.1278 RDD crypto
Romanian leu 50420.4044 ROL currency
StableCoin 9190.6272 SBC crypto
Sudanese dinar 799.4368 SDD currency
Sudanese dinar 7994.6264 SDP currency
Slovenian tolar 269.6259 SIT currency
Slovak koruna 33.8956 SKK currency
SolarCoin 22.7247 SLR crypto
SpainCoin 6857.5598 SPA crypto
Surinamese guilder 8887.3150 SRG currency
Sexcoin 3215.1685 SXC crypto
TagCoin 29.6072 TAG crypto
Tigercoin 8914.6443 TGC crypto
Tickets 1215679.3472 TIX crypto
Turkmenistani manat 21753.1310 TMM currency
Turkmenistani new manat 4.3509 TMT currency
Terracoin 365.3631 TRC crypto
Turkish lira 3764265.2289 TRL currency
Unobtanium 0.6215 UNO crypto
Venezualan bolivar 12215.4127 VEB currency
VeriCoin 31.0376 VRC crypto
Vertcoin 31.4700 VTC crypto
WorldCoin 153.0108 WDC crypto
WhiteCoin 6478.9201 WHC crypto
Ounces of Aluminum 28.9176 XAL metal
Gold gram 0.0010 XAU metal
CraftCoin 154.9303 XCC crypto
Ounces of Copper 9.6126 XCP metal
DogeCoin 5527.8599 XDG crypto
ECU 1.1251 XEU currency
I0Coin 133.0589 XIC crypto
Joulecoin 3756.4118 XJO crypto
Bitmonero 0.2039 XMR crypto
MaidSafeCoin 898.1477 XMS crypto
Mintcoin 37128.5809 XMT crypto
Palladium gram 0.0020 XPD metal
Primecoin 20.4295 XPM crypto
Platinum gram 0.0013 XPT metal
Ripple 136.6784 XRP crypto
SiliconValleyCoin 134003.9852 XSV crypto
XC 28.4290 XXC crypto
Yacoin 5523.0668 YAC crypto
YbCoin 0.7975 YBC crypto
Counterparty 0.3146 ZCP crypto
Zetacoin 522.3546 ZET crypto
Zambian kwacha 12.5917 ZMW currency
Zeitcoin 89141.4928 ZTC crypto
Zimbabwe dollar 122320646004048217784461557760.0000 ZWD currency
Andorran franc 7.3804 ADF currency
Old french franc 738.0205 AFR currency
Angolan kwanza 202.7719 AON currency
Aruban guilder 2.1895 AWF currency
Guernsey Pound 1.0013 GGP currency
Manx pound 1.0014 IMP currency
New Taiwan dollar 38.6279 NTD currency
South Sudanese Pound 61.2687 SSP currency
Tuvaluan dollar 1.6024 TVD currency
Urugayan peso 34.3309 UYP currency
Vatican Lira 2178.5535 VAL currency
Peer-to-peer digital currency 0.0019 XBT crypto
Yugoslav dinar 98.6039 YUN currency
Monegasque Franc 7.3804 MCF currency