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The Riyal of Qatar

The Riyal, Rial or Ryal, all 3 versions are accepted, is the money of 5 Moslem Middle-Eastern countries. The Qatar Riyal is subdivided into 100 dirhams, not to be confused with the Morrocan Dirham.

Until 1959, Qatar used the Indian Rupee. In 1959, the Reserve Bank of India was issuing the Gulf Rupee, but Qatar refused it, preferring the Saudi Riyal.

In 1968, the Riyal of Dubai and of Qatar entered into circulation. Then, when Dubai joined the United Arab Emirates in 1971, Qatar began to issue its own money.

The other Riyals are those of Saudia Arabia (SAR), Iran (IRR), Oman (OMR) and the Yemen (YER).

The banknotes of Qatar are very colorful, and very intricately designed. They are unusual in that they all carry the same motif on the reverse side. Only the color changes. On the upper side of the bills, the text is in Arabic only (name of the issuing bank, amount…). On the back are featured the country's natural, cultural and religious resources.

Exchange rate of Qatari rial , currency of Qatar

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