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The Riyal of Qatar

The Riyal, Rial or Ryal, all 3 versions are accepted, is the money of 5 Moslem Middle-Eastern countries. The Qatar Riyal is subdivided into 100 dirhams, not to be confused with the Morrocan Dirham.

Until 1959, Qatar used the Indian Rupee. In 1959, the Reserve Bank of India was issuing the Gulf Rupee, but Qatar refused it, preferring the Saudi Riyal.

In 1968, the Riyal of Dubai and of Qatar entered into circulation. Then, when Dubai joined the United Arab Emirates in 1971, Qatar began to issue its own money.

The other Riyals are those of Saudia Arabia (SAR), Iran (IRR), Oman (OMR) and the Yemen (YER).

The banknotes of Qatar are very colorful, and very intricately designed. They are unusual in that they all carry the same motif on the reverse side. Only the color changes. On the upper side of the bills, the text is in Arabic only (name of the issuing bank, amount…). On the back are featured the country's natural, cultural and religious resources.

Exchange rate - Qatari riyal

currency Qatari riyal QAR 1 =
Philippine peso PHP 13.7505 currency
Indian rupee INR 18.4238 currency
Nepalese rupee NPR 29.9821 currency
Indonesian rupiah IDR 3658.8774 currency
Ghanaian Cedi GHS 1.2434 currency
US dollar USD 0.2746 currency
Sri Lankan rupee LKR 41.5423 currency
Ugandan shilling UGX 984.7838 currency
Bangladeshi taka BDT 22.0273 currency
Pakistani rupee PKR 28.7736 currency
Kenyan shilling KES 28.4486 currency
CFA Franc BEAC XAF 169.7479 currency
Georgian lari GEL 0.7288 currency
Moroccan dirham MAD 2.7632 currency
Euro EUR 0.2588 currency
South African rand ZAR 3.5897 currency
Singapore dollar SGD 0.3894 currency
UAE dirham AED 1.0087 currency
Tanzanian shilling TZS 612.5353 currency
Italian lira ITL 501.0662 currency
Chinese yuan renminbi CNY 1.8841 currency
Ethiopian birr ETB 6.2632 currency
Nigerian naira NGN 87.1542 currency
Syrian pound SYP 141.4468 currency
North Korean won KPW 247.2298 currency
Egyptian pound EGP 4.4006 currency
Djiboutian franc DJF 48.8808 currency
Zimbabwe dollar ZWD 27562818621742614386848038912.0000 currency
Turkish lira TRY 0.9989 currency
Rwandan franc RWF 225.1378 currency
Iranian rial IRR 8903.2425 currency
Lebanese pound LBP 416.0132 currency
Estonian kroon EEK 4.0489 currency
Canadian dollar CAD 0.3585 currency
Malaysian ringgit MYR 1.2226 currency
Sudanese pound SDG 1.8344 currency
Seychelles rupee SCR 3.6780 currency
Australian dollar AUD 0.3572 currency
Botswana pula BWP 2.8574 currency
Boliviano BOB 1.8761 currency
Japanese yen JPY 31.0012 currency
Kyrgyzstani som KGS 19.0461 currency
Pound sterling GBP 0.2214 currency
Mexican peso MXN 5.6134 currency
Kuwaiti dinar KWD 0.0839 currency
Ecuadorian sucre ECS 6888.2333 currency
South Sudanese Pound SSP 19.7356 currency
Yemeni rial YER 68.4962 currency
Salvadoran colon SVC 2.3934 currency
Maldivian rufiyaa MVR 4.2336 currency
Bahamian dollar BSD 0.2750 currency
Somali shilling SOS 158.4090 currency
Mozambican metical MZN 19.3461 currency
Hungarian forint HUF 79.6341 currency
Yugoslav dinar YUN 22.6801 currency
Tajikistani somoni TJS 2.1918 currency
KarpelesCoin KAR 13168.4134 crypto
Lesotho loti LSL 3.5873 currency
Mozambican metical MZM 19317.6772 currency
Philosopher Stones PHS 193.7277 crypto
Greek drachma GRD 88.1790 currency
Belize dollar BZD 0.5531 currency
Bulgarian lev BGN 0.5061 currency
Czech koruna CZK 6.9901 currency
Danish krone DKK 1.9197 currency
Polish zloty PLN 1.1165 currency
Romanian Leu RON 1.1684 currency
Swedish krona SEK 2.4442 currency
Swiss franc CHF 0.2753 currency
Norwegian krone NOK 2.2908 currency
Croatian kuna HRK 1.9211 currency
Russian ruble RUB 16.0104 currency
Brazilian real BRL 0.8526 currency
Hong Kong dollar HKD 2.1355 currency
Israeli new shekel ILS 1.0171 currency
South Korean won KRW 315.3999 currency
New Zealand dollar NZD 0.3824 currency
Thai baht THB 9.6036 currency
Albanian lek ALL 34.2365 currency
Argentine peso ARS 4.3004 currency
New azerbaijani Manat AZN 0.4788 currency
Bahraini dinar BHD 0.1035 currency
Convertible mark BAM 0.5061 currency
Chilean peso CLP 176.9117 currency
Costa Rican colon CRC 153.7070 currency
Dominican peso DOP 12.9845 currency
Guatemalan quetzal GTQ 2.0270 currency
Honduran lempira HNL 6.4470 currency
Icelandic króna ISK 30.3437 currency
Cayman Islands dollar KYD 0.2249 currency
Cambodian riel KHR 1097.1198 currency
Kazakhstani tenge KZT 87.4311 currency
Qatari riyal QAR 1.0000 currency
Colombian peso COP 792.9327 currency
Libyan dinar LYD 0.3884 currency
Mauritian rupee MUR 9.8618 currency
Omani rial OMR 0.1056 currency
Panamanian balboa PAB 0.2743 currency
Peruvian nuevo sol PEN 0.8954 currency
Saudi riyal SAR 1.0297 currency
Serbian dinar RSD 31.9548 currency
Taiwan dollar TWD 8.4711 currency
Tunisian dinar TND 0.6269 currency
Ukrainian hryvnia UAH 7.4518 currency
Urugayan peso UYU 7.7815 currency
Venezualan bolivar fuerte VEF 2.7431 currency
Vietnamese đồng VND 6248.4797 currency
Afghan Afghani AFN 18.3645 currency
Armenian dram AMD 134.0424 currency
Netherlands Antillean guilder ANG 0.4892 currency
Aruban guilder AWG 0.4940 currency
Barbados dollar BBD 0.5491 currency
Burundian franc BIF 465.6833 currency
Bermudian dollar BMD 0.2744 currency
Brunei dollar BND 0.3892 currency
Bhutanese ngultrum BTN 18.4691 currency
Belarusian ruble BYR 5754.2116 currency
Congolese franc CDF 347.3850 currency
Cape Verde escudo CVE 28.5343 currency
Cypriot pound CYP 0.1515 currency
German Deutsche mark DEM 0.5061 currency
Algerian dinar DZD 30.4562 currency
Eritrean nakfa ERN 4.2147 currency
Fiji dollar FJD 0.5668 currency
Falkland Islands pound FKP 0.2208 currency
French franc FRF 1.6975 currency
Gibraltar pound GIP 0.2201 currency
Gambian dalasi GMD 12.2260 currency
Guinean franc GNF 2545.5839 currency
Guyanese dollar GYD 57.3636 currency
Haitian gourde HTG 17.9101 currency
Irish punt IEP 0.2038 currency
Iraqi dinar IQD 324.4313 currency
Jamaican dollar JMD 35.1836 currency
Jordanian dinar JOD 0.1944 currency
Comoro franc KMF 127.3110 currency
Lao kip LAK 2254.6878 currency
Liberian dollar LRD 24.8511 currency
Lithuanian litas LTL 0.8378 currency
Latvian lats LVL 0.1705 currency
Moldovan leu MDL 5.4659 currency
Malagasy Ariary MGA 856.2482 currency
Macedonian denar MKD 15.8841 currency
Myanma kyat MMK 375.8404 currency
Mongolian tugrik MNT 679.5435 currency
Macanese pataca MOP 2.2000 currency
Mauritanian ouguiya MRO 98.1497 currency
Malawian kwacha MWK 198.0661 currency
Namibian dollar NAD 3.5849 currency
Nicaraguan córdoba NIO 8.1412 currency
Papua New Guinean kina PGK 0.8750 currency
Paraguayan guaraní PYG 1585.1435 currency
Solomon Islands dollar SBD 2.1316 currency
Saint Helena pound SHP 0.2201 currency
Sierra Leonean leone SLL 2064.9975 currency
Surinamese dollar SRD 2.0608 currency
São Tomé dobra STD 6340.0875 currency
Swazi lilangeni SZL 3.5943 currency
Tongan pa'anga TOP 0.6186 currency
Trinidad dollar TTD 1.8464 currency
Uzbekitan som UZS 914.3752 currency
Vanuatu vatu VUV 29.7777 currency
Samoan tala WST 0.6987 currency
Silver gram XAG 0.0148 metal
East Caribbean dollar XCD 0.7414 currency
CFA Franc BCEAO XOF 169.7479 currency
French pacific franc XPF 30.8806 currency
Zambian kwacha ZMK 2720.6739 currency
Andorran peseta ADP 43.0572 currency
Afghan afghani AFA 18442.8745 currency
Anoncoin ANC 16.9923 crypto
Angolan kwanza AOA 46.1701 currency
Aphroditecoin APH 4622.8812 crypto
Argentum ARG 129.5590 crypto
Austrian shilling ATS 3.5609 currency
Auroracoin AUR 2.4235 crypto
Azerbaijani manat AZM 2388.6034 currency
Bytecoin (BCN) BCN 5223.6628 crypto
Belgian franc BEF 10.4391 currency
BetaCoin BET 1849.0542 crypto
Bulgarian lev BGL 507.5124 currency
Billioncoin BIL 4333.2298 crypto
BlackCoin BLC 148.4729 crypto
BBQCoin BQC 546.1118 crypto
Brazilian Cruzeiro BRC 2311.7330 currency
BitBar BTB 0.4605 crypto
Bitcoin BTC 0.0003 crypto
Bytecoin BTE 28.9507 crypto
Bitleu BTL 101146.6501 crypto
CryptogenicBullion CGB 4.2408 crypto
Cinni CIN 526.9648 crypto
Chilean Unidad de Fomento CLF 0.0067 currency
Copperlark CLR 813.7256 crypto
Chinese Offshore Yuan CNH 1.8903 currency
CasinoCoin CSC 17.0633 crypto
Cuban convertible Peso CUC 0.2734 currency
Cuban peso CUP 0.2755 currency
Deutsche eMark DEE 76.5839 crypto
Digitalcoin DGC 52.2490 crypto
DiamondCoins DMD 1.0160 crypto